Title of event: HABITAT Fair 2017 (

Data and location: 19-22 September, 2017. Valencia, Spain

Short description:

Feria Habitat Valencia 2017, showcase to the world of creativity, innovation and design. The commercial offer of Feria Habitat Valencia integrates all elements of Habitat for the home and facilities; furniture, lighting, decoration, home textiles, mattresses.

AIDIMME and FEVAMA shared a stand at the fair and have the chance to disseminate NIMBLE to specific companies visiting the booth through face-to-face interviews. MICUNA, as well, presented NIMBLE to some relevant MICUNA´s suppliers to create awareness about NIMBLE platform to join us as soon as it is ready.

NIMBLE at Kind + Jugend Event in Cologne

Title of the event: Kind + Jugend


Date and location: 14-17 September, 2017. Cologne, Germany

MICUNA was an exhibitor in the leading international trade fair of the baby and children’s outfitting industry during last September 20-23 in Cologne. In their booth MICUNA presented NIMBLE to some key enterprises.
Kind + Jugend confirms its outstanding international position:

Around 22,500 visitors from 113 countries

Increase in the level of internationality of the visitors

Top quality across the board

Digital Kidsroom arouses great interest


NIMBLE at ENCAJA Fair 2017

Title of event: ENCAJA Fair 2017


Data and location: 30-31 May and 1 June, 2017. Valencia, Spain

Brief notice:

AIDIMME has supported the arrangement of the NIMBLE presentation inside the ENCAJA fair with the support of FEVAMA and MICUNA. The ENCAJA event is a professional fair which main goal is the promotion of encounters between supplying and demanding companies in order to cover business, technology and knowledge, focusing on finding real and effective solutions for the storage, distribution and sales points. NIMBLE was present in ENCAJA from 30th May to 1st June through the childcare furniture use case proposed by MICUNA.






The NIMBLE platform was also presented to the audience on 1st June during a dedicated speech in which the main aspects of the platform were explained exhibiting specific mock-ups focused on the supply chain of the furniture sector. The presentation was specially targeted to providers of services and raw materials, logistics and manufacturers.

Furthermore, face-to-face meetings have been arranged and specific questionnaires have been filled by the companies in order to know some details about the companies and its interest in NIMBLE.



NIMBLE at INTEROP – VLAB General Assembly 2017

INNOVA has presented the NIMBLE project at the INTEROP-VLAB General Assembly 2017, which took place 13-16 of June, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium

INTEROP-VLab, the European Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability (I-VLab,, is an initiative to develop networked research with critical mass in the Enterprise Interoperability (EI) domain and associated domains (Future Internet and Enterprise Systems Applications).


The main objective of this dissemination action has been to create awareness about the NIMBLE project.

Slides explaining the scope, benefits and use cases of NIMBLE were presented, and the audience showed a deep interest concerning the whole concept and implementation of the project. A number of question were asked, especially concerning the recruitment of users for the platform and the implementation of the expected impact.

At the conference were present representatives from 10 organizations, including universities, technological centres and research institutes from 6 European countries.

NIMBLE at Nor-Shipping 2017

The project partner BALance presented the NIMBLE platform on the most important ship-building exhibition in the world: Nor-Shipping 2017 (

A few numbers about the event:

  • Visitor and delegate entries at exhibition: 31,500
  • Number of exhibiting companies: 900
  • Number of national pavilions: 19
  • Exhibiting space m2: 21,000

BALance has organized a topic day on their booth, where NIMBLE has been presented related to topic: Maritime 4.0 – Automation, Robotics and Sensors.

NIMBLE paper awarded the Best Paper Award

The NIMBLE paper “Stackelberg Security Game for Optimizing Security of Federated Internet of Things Platform Instances” has been presented at the International Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security 2017 (ICDGTS’17) in Barcelona, Spain, May 26-27 2017.

The paper is awarded the Best Paper Award by the WASET Award Committee.

NIMBLE booth at the Supply Chain Day 2017 in Bremen, Germany

The „Supply Chain Day“ is a yearly event held across Europe where companies, academia and business associations present latest developments and current trends in the supply chain domain. This year, on the 27th of April, the University of Bremen took the chance to present the NIMBLE approach to an audience of Supply Chain practitioners, researchers and students. Visitors could ask questions about the project, such as the concept of federated platforms, the relation to the Internet of Things, and the different business processes NIMBLE plans to support. In addition, visitors were invited to join the ambassador program and the early adopter program.


NIMBLE at Innovawood General Assembly 2017

AIDIMME has presented the NIMBLE project at the INNOVAWOOD General Assembly 2017, which took place 28-30 of March, 2017 in Tuusula, Finland (Website:

The main objective of this dissemination action has been to create awareness about the NIMBLE project through a brief general description of the project. Slides explaining the scope, benefits and use cases of NIMBLE were presented. Furthermore, a poster of NIMBLE was printed and located in Exhibition area.

At the conference were present representatives from 23 organizations, including universities, technological centres and research institutes from 16 European countries.

Requirements Valenciana

NIMBLE held the second project consortium meeting in Valencia (Spain) in April 2017.

Broad attendance to the presentation of the requirements at the consortium meeting in Valencia
Broad attendance to the presentation of the requirements at the consortium meeting in Valencia

From April 5th to 7th, 2017, the NIMBLE team gathered at the premises of AIDIMME in the technology park in Valencia (Spain) for the second project consortium meeting. Maria José Nuñez and her team from AIDIMME had set up a perfect environment for almost 40 “NIMBLErs” reporting about their achievements, elaborating and discussing the core topics of the next project phase. In parallel to the consortium meeting NIMBLE also held the “General Assembly” meeting.

After six months of efforts in requirements analysis and technical design, one major goal of the consortium meeting was creating a common understanding of what the technological partners are offering in terms of platform technology and system functionality and what the use case partners are demanding from their business perspectives. Besides the user and system requirements, we were also considering platform requirements and risks: This type of requirements includes general features with respect to the platform economics. An example of such a platform requirement is the ability of the platform to bring firms together that previously haven’t been connected or doing business with each other.

The lunch breaks were used for intensive discussions in the entrance hall of AIDIMME
The lunch breaks were used for intensive discussions in the entrance hall of AIDIMME

A session was dedicated to presenting and discussion issues of platform governance, policies, guidelines and security requirements for the operation of the NIMBLE platform. In the discussion about the progress in the AMBASSADOR program (dedicated efforts to involve early adopters and setup a core community of NIMBLE platform users), we decided to hold a first NIMBLE workshop at  Lindbäcks in Sweden in early June.

What made the Valencia meeting so pleasant and memorable apart from all the thematic issues and fruitful discussions, was the mixture of relaxation and excitement offered by the vibrating city of Valencia with its contrast between modern and historic buildings, with the Mediterranean beaches, gardens and parks as well as the excellent offer of typical Valencian dishes. Especially during the social dinner on April 5th, we encountered a great variety of traditional food such as the “Paella Valenciana”, to mention just one.

View of the opera house in Valencia
View of the opera house in Valencia

First official Nimble Hackathon

The first official NIMBLE Hackathon will take place between 21-23 March 2017 at the premises of Salzburg Research with one goal in mind: build the first working prototype of the NIMBLE platform.

The NIMBLE project has started six months ago. So, it is time to give a short update of the technical progress achieved so far and planned activities:
In the beginning of the project we intensively communicated each other’s ideas and preferences regarding the technical features of the platform. This initial get-to-know-each-other phase was very important, because it helped a lot to synchronise our ideas of NIMBLE and the generic requirements of the NIMBLE platform. Currently, we are heavily working on writing down our agreements in order to achieve the first version of the specification document.

 This version will state the basis for the first official NIMBLE Hackathon. It is taking place between March 21-23 at the premises Salzburg Research. Several partners will gather in the offices of the research facility with one specific ambition in their mind: build the first working prototype of the platform. In order to collaboratively achieve this goal three distinct teams are introduced, which are Team Catalogue, Team Supply Chain and Team Infrastructure. Each team will determine its specific goals for the next three days at the event and is going to present a short demonstration on the last day of the Hackathon.

Stay tuned for further updates.