NIMBLE Use Case Workshops

In order to start collecting and discussing requirements and business cases to be addressed in our target proposal, the NIMBLE project arranged multiple use case workshops. We started at Pitea (Lindback) in December 2016 and we have just concluded last week’s Italian workshops in Biella (Piacenza use case) and Cassinette (Whirlpool use case).

During the workshops multiple sessions about business model analysis, technical discussions and user story preparation have been interleaved. The output of the workshops will be analyzed in future activities and the reported in WP1 deliverables. 

About Alessio Gugliotta

Alessio is a senior consultant at INNOVA srl, a consulting company specialized in technology transfer. PhD in Computer Science and AI, he has got a long experience in EU and National funded project, working in both R&D and business development activities. He is the Innovation Manager of the NIMBLE project.

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