All our development work is documented and available as deliverables below.

Deliverable Title
D1.2 Requirements for Business Models and Collaboration Patterns in Supply Chains
D1.2 (approved)
D2.1 Platform Architecture Specification and Component Design
D2.1 (approved)
D2.2 Semantic Modelling of Manufacturing Collaboration Assets
D2.2 (submitted)
D2.3 Design of an Open API for the NIMBLE Platform
D2.3 (submitted)
D2.4 User Experience Design for Fast System Adoption
D2.4 (submitted)
D3.1 Core Platform Infrastructure
D3.1 (approved)
D3.2 Catalogue Ingestion and Semantic Annotation
D3.2 (approved)
D3.3 Product and Service Search Engine and Search Mediator
D3.3 (submitted)
D3.4 Supply Chain Negotiation Support
D3.4 (submitted)
D4.1 NIMBLE Platform User Experience – Validation Methodology
D4.1 (submitted)
D6.1 Security and Privacy Requirements
D6.1 (submitted)
D6.2 Design and Implementation of Security and Privacy for Core Business Services
D6.2 (submitted)
D6.4 Information Quality Management
D6.4 (submitted)
D8.2 Dissemination and Communication Plan
D8.2 (approved)
D8.5 AMBASSADOR Programme for Early Adopters: Intermediate Report
D8.5 (submitted)
D8.8 NIMBLE Platform SEED Programme: Manual and Materials Package
D8.8 (submitted)
D8.10 NIMBLE Federated Platform Launch Manual
D8.10 (submitted)
D8.11 Project Business Plan (Year 1)
D8.11 (submitted)
D3.8 Tool for Collaboration Setup and Interoperability Testing
D3.8 (submitted)
D4.2 Platform User Experience from Supplier's and Buyer’s Point of View
D4.2 (submitted)
D4.3 Platform User Experience from Data Sharers’ and from Logistics Providers’ Points of View
D4.3 (submitted)
D4.4 Platform User Experience - Platform Manager's Point of View
D4.4 (submitted)
D4.5 NIMBLE Platform Evolvement – Recommendations, Requirements and Roadmap
D4.5 (submitted)
D6.3 Trust and Reputation Management
D6.3 (submitted)
D7.1 Value Proposition of NIMBLE
D7.1 (submitted)
D8.9 Feasibility and Impact Assessment Toolkit
D8.9 (submitted)
D8.12 Project Business Plan, (year 2)
D8.12 (submitted)
D1.1 Requirements and Collaboration Design for Manufacturing and Logistics in Four European Use Cases
D1.1 (accepted)
D3.5 Data channels
D3.5 (accepted)
D3.7 User Front-End Prototype
D3.7 (accepted)
D8.1 Nimble Website
D8.1 (accepted)
D9.1 Six-Monthly Action Plan (month 1-6)
D9.1 (accepted)
D9.2 Six-Monthly Action Plan (month 7-12)
D9.2 (accepted)
D9.10 Quality Assurance Plan
D9.10 (accepted)
D5.5 Business Process Templates and Accelerators
D5.5 (active)
D7.2 Value Proposition of NIMBLE for the Eco Houses Supply Chain
D7.2 (active)
D7.3 Value Proposition of NIMBLE for the Textile Manufacturing Supply Chain
D7.3 (active)
D8.13 Final Project Business Plan
D8.13 (active)
D5.1 Advanced Platform Infrastructure
D5.1 (active)