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Looking for a B2B marketplace for your fashion business ?

A novel cloud-based platform to create a dynamic supply networks for manufacturers, suppliers, and logistic partners in future collaborative manufacturing

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B2B marketplace for fashion / textile sector

A novel, innovative and easy accessible platform to support digital manufactures

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B2B Marketplace
for fashion and textile sector

If your company belongs to or related to fashion/textile sector,
this is the marketplace for you

Our Ingredients

A manufacturing B2B service delivery framework, which at the same time will be interoperable, smart (proactive), open (extensible/adaptable), trustworthy and secure.

Do you want to...

.. receive offers and orders by negotiating with companies around the world?

... make your catalog more visible?

... look for new materials for your products?

... expand the supplier network and obtain information on their products?

... find new services, including logistics?

... introduce you to the digital economy quickly and easily in our sector?

Join our platform!

Be one of the first companies to test the platform.
Your comments will help us to improve it and make it fully functional.
More information via email a.gugliotta@innova-eu.net

What we offer

Collaborative and customised fabric design

Creation of exclusive products

Purchase based on the issued certification of origin

Save time and cost

Gain market shares

Introduce price discounts policies.

Secure and effective exchange of data

CAD software associates through the NIMBLE APIs

Blockchain technology for tracking and tracing of raw materials