The novel, federated approach for Industry B2B Platforms

NIMBLE Platform is online!

Since December 2017 the NIMBLE platform has been released and it is under validation by our industrial partners. A second release has been issued in May 2018 and, following a agile development approach, new ones will be issued in the next month, with an increasing set of services.

Current release is accessible here, while supporting material and source code are available here. If you are interested to have more information on “how to”, please contact us.

Participate to our online survey

We are running an online survey to collect insights and expectations from our stakeholders. Therefore, if you are looking for B2B services to expand/improve your business, or you are interested to develop a B2B platform, or you are simply an expert in the (smart) manufacturing sector(s), please access here and provide your inputs. It will not take more than 5 minutes of your time!

NIMBLE Platform and Industry Scenarios


“In the present, fast evolving textile and clothing market, actions to answer unpredictable demand must be taken very quickly and require high levl of diffused collaboration”

White Goods

“The NIMBLE platform will improve the flow of knowledge in both direction of the value chain, leading to a faster innovation”

Wood Buildings

“A major benefit of NIMBLE will be the simplification of the data handling. Currently, this is dominated by manual tasks. These do not scale up with the quadruling of the production output.”

Child Furniture

“The child furniture sector will benefit from the results of NIMBLE because it provides a collaboration environment for smartly managing supply chain issues as they arise in the daily business.”

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