SEED Programme

Alongside the self-sustaining AMBASSADOR Programme, the project will extend its reach into areas of industry beyond the initial four industrial use cases through a strategic mix of targeted networking, presentations, training and promotional campaigns. This will be implemented in the platform SEED Programme that will raise wider awareness and interest and stimulate interested parties to replicate the model and create federated platforms for other markets/geographies. Specifically, the key objectives of this programme are:

  • Foster creation of new platforms for new supply chains, industry sectors or geographies;
  • Creation and success of new platforms rather than the recruitment of users to an existing platform.

Therefore, differently to the AMBASSADOR Programme, the main target audience of this programme are intermediaries and potential platform owners and/or developers that are keen to create a new seed of the platform, rather than use one of the existing instances (i.e. use cases). This programme will be launched at a later stage of the project (end of 2017 – early 2018) and it will include:

  • A dedicated roadshow where each event will include overview of the project, description of core and value-added services, platform demos, use cases highlighting impacts and benefits, presentation of toolkits and launch manual.
  • The NIMBLE Final Conference, that will be arranged in Brussels at the EC premises at the end of the project.

In any case, if you are intested to this programme, please drop us an email (see contacts below) and we will keep informed about the project development and SEED programme preparation.

Contact Persons

  • Mr. Alessio Gugliotta (NIMBLE innovation manager – see contacts)
  • Mr. Georg Güntner (NIMBLE product manager – see contacts)