SEED Programme

Alongside the self-sustaining AMBASSADOR Programme, the project will extend its reach into areas of industry beyond the initial four industrial use cases through a strategic mix of targeted networking, presentations, training and promotional campaigns. This will be implemented in the platform SEED Programme that will raise wider awareness and interest and stimulate interested parties to replicate the model and create federated platforms for other markets/geographies. Specifically, the key objectives of this programme are:

  • Foster creation of new platforms for new supply chains, industry sectors or geographies;
  • Creation and success of new platforms rather than the recruitment of users to an existing platform.

Therefore, differently to the AMBASSADOR Programme, the main target audience of this programme are intermediaries and potential platform owners and/or developers that are keen to create a new seed of the platform, rather than use one of the existing instances (i.e. use cases).

Programme Roadshow

The NIMBLE Roadshow is expected to start in mid 2018. The following table reports a draft list of events where partners are planning to co-locate a dedicated event.

Short Description / Type
Date and Country
One in Europe, at the Annual ETP ConferenceAnnual conference of the European textile manufacturersMarch 2018
Belgium, Italy
Research to Business 2018 (R2B2018)Annual conference for bridging research in digital themes and the market.June 2018
Forum for debate in Wood-Furniture SectorSome key managers are invited to a session where some specific items are discussed through a Moderator. Once per yearSpain
Industrial Workshop (Taller)Industrial Workshop organised by AIDIMME with selected companies addressing specific topic. There is one monthlySpain
SP-dagarnaAnnual conference of house manufacturingSweden – March 2018
Enterprise 4.0 (“Unternehmen 4.0”) eventsEvent series on specific (varying) topics of digital transformation and industry 4.0 targeting at SMEsAustria
Innovation conference (“Innovationstagung”)Event with specific (varying) topics of digital innovationAustria
CEBITGlobal event for digital businessGermany

Programme Materials

The following files contain presentation/branding material that can be used in the SEED programme.

NIMBLE Presentation

NIMBLE Brand Materials:

Contact Persons

  • Mr. Alessio Gugliotta (NIMBLE innovation manager – see contacts)
  • Mr. Georg Güntner (NIMBLE product manager – see contacts)