The AMBASSADOR programme is designed to encourage and incentivise organizations and their supply-chains to become users of the NIMBLE platform. The programme will build on the stories and reported benefits generated by the use cases. It will deliver compelling stories to users on the benefits of recruiting their business partners to the system.

The programme will start with different workshops across Europe, in order to meet with early adopters. The schedule of the workshops will be shortly announced, and any interested organization is welcome to join. A toolkit will be created to support users with “sales messages” and evidence on the benefits of joining which they can send to potential recruits. The toolkit will also explain how a company could run workshops or training to introduce the platform to business partners.

Send us a note, we will be happy to provide you invitation and/or more detailed information.

Contact Persons

  • Mr. Alessio Gugliotta (NIMBLE innovation manager – see contacts)
  • Mr. Georg Güntner (NIMBLE product manager – see contacts)