Evaluation workshop in Piteå, Sweden

Monday 16th September was an important milestone for the Eco House use case because we evaluated the NIMBLE platform with 11 sales and management experts from 6 suppliers of the construction sector. The event took place in Lindbäcks new factory in Haraholmen, Sweden.

The participants represent small and medium-sized businesses mainly operating in Sweden, as well as large suppliers that serve markets in Sweden and beyond. We assigned the participants to four groups to evaluate the functions, workflows and user interfaces simultaneously. Each group included experts of two companies that buy/sell products according to a realistic scenario within the Lindbäcks supply chain.

The workshop participants were positive about the relevance of B2B platforms in their domain. However, we also identified new bugs, functional/technical shortcomings, as well as challenges related to the adoption of digital platforms in the participating companies. A key aspect that requires further international efforts is the standardization of product descriptions in the construction industry.

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Antonio Fusco - Digital Communication Manager at INNOVA - is a specialist in corporate communication, digital strategy, web design, web content management.

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