Our project partner AIDIMME is attending the International Exhibition SICI 2019, from 28th January to 1st February in Valencia (Spain).

SICI is a powerful commercial offer around the kitchen that has the main national and international brands and brands of furniture, accessories and kitchen equipment. It is its third edition together with Cevisama.

AIDIMME has a booth during the Fair dedicated to Kitchen market where the rollups of NIMBLE were shown and we were speaking about NIMBLE to attract companies from so complex segment to be on board.

AIDIMME moderated some debates during the Fair. One of them conducted by Maria José Núñez from AIDIMME about the challenges and future opportunities in kitchen segment.

CEVISAMA  is an international showcase of reference in ceramic coatings, bathroom equipment, natural stone, chips, enamels and ceramic colors, tiles and bricks, materials and tools, and ceramic machinery.

aidimme CEVISAMA
( Photo by  AIDIMME twitter account)
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