NIMBLE at Innovawood General Assembly 2017

AIDIMME has presented the NIMBLE project at the INNOVAWOOD General Assembly 2017, which took place 28-30 of March, 2017 in Tuusula, Finland (Website:

The main objective of this dissemination action has been to create awareness about the NIMBLE project through a brief general description of the project. Slides explaining the scope, benefits and use cases of NIMBLE were presented. Furthermore, a poster of NIMBLE was printed and located in Exhibition area.

At the conference were present representatives from 23 organizations, including universities, technological centres and research institutes from 16 European countries.

About Alessio Gugliotta

Alessio is a senior consultant at INNOVA srl, a consulting company specialized in technology transfer. PhD in Computer Science and AI, he has got a long experience in EU and National funded project, working in both R&D and business development activities. He is the Innovation Manager of the NIMBLE project.

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