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Release 8.0

Released 28 February 2019

New features

  • Front-End Service
    • Multilinguality features
    • Simplified and unified product publishing page including direct value inputs
    • Switch to new indexing service
  • Catalog Service
    • Multilingual labels can be specified for product names, descriptions and product features
    • The category properties are not processed sequentially while parsing the template
    • eClass data types are processed properly i.e. real_measures are treated as quantity values
    • Pagination services for catalogues
    • Template parsing is updated considering the configured language
    • Existing images are replaces when a new version is listed
    • A method to delete all the images inside a catalogue
    • Removed Marmotta integration and switched to the new indexing mechanism. This includes: Category/property-related operations
    • Management of catalogue data for the search operations
    • Validating the quantity and amount values in IndexingWrapper
    • Template-based product publishing can handle multilingual labels
    • Add own UI-based workflow for certificate upload
    • Replaced catalogue lines information that can be provided in a template updated
  • Business Process Service
    • Multilinguality-related updates
  • Identity Service
    • Multilinguality support
    • Updated data model to support multilinguality

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Front-End Service
    • Improved platform information page
    • Adapted to identity-service updates
    • Increased image upload limits to 2 MB Taxonomy caching for improved performance
    • Added input switch for Other sectors
  • Catalogue Service
    • Prevents catalogue retrieval when multiple lines with same ids exist in different catalogues
    • Updated party properly without getting a duplicate party identification exception
    • Retrieve bearer token directly from Keycloak in cases where the execution context is not set
  • Identity Service
    • Improved access policies for company settings