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Release 17.0 (Final)

Released 8 April 2020

New Features

Front-End Service

  • Legislation UI integration
  • Agent management interface
  • Invoice tab in order view
  • Rating comments (visible for own company only)
  • Document caching for performance improvement
  • Federated type-ahead in search
  • Code beautification
  • Apache license information
  • Platform configuration comments

Business Process Service

  • REST API to retrieve an invoice
  • REST API to retrieve process instance group instances and filters

Catalogue Service

  • Introduced the catalog cache to improve performance
  • REST service to get service root category uris
  • REST service to get validity of catalogue lines

Bug fixes & Improvements

Front-End Service

  • Retrieval of (un)verfified company lists via index instead of identity service
  • Company deletion by request to platform manager only
  • Disabled shopping cart feature for services
  • Improved navbar layout and grouping
  • Improved form validation
  • Improved dashboard filters
  • Fixed rating retrieval and visualization
  • Fixed analytics calculation
  • Fixed company search filters
  • Fixed bug causing multiple company registration when logo upload failed
  • Fixed Solr query building for special characters
  • Updates to Explorative Search and Track & Trace components
  • Prevent multiple clicks on action buttons
  • User manual link to project homepage

Business Process Service

  • Modified fulfilment statistics REST API to return accepted quantities
  • Removed product status from the dashboard process details to improve performance
  • Proper user role checks for delegated service calls
  • Modified EmailSenderUtil to notify party sales officer when a trust score is updated

Catalogue Service

  • Mocked some methods of IDelegateClient
  • Added environment variable to enable selective integration of taxonomies

Indexing Service

  • Enabling eureka service discovery

Trust Scoring Service

  • Fixing fetch and recreate trust profiles endpoint
  • Feign clients updated