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Release 4.0

Release date 17.09.2018

New features

  • User Experience

    • Fully reworked UI design
    • Clear and extended business process workflow with step-by-step guidance (including data channels and track-and-trace functionality)
    • Major search and search filter improvements (pre-selection of categories, search term suggestions, filter categorization, more self-explanatory labels)
    • Clear distinction between products and logistics services on publishing and executing business processes
  • Company Management

    • Support of multiple delivery terms (e.g. addresses)
    • Definition of default negotiations settings
    • Company-wide certificate management
    • Favourite and recently used categories are now tracked and can be re-used when publishing products
  • Catalogue Management

    • Backend services for furniture ontology to get categories based on the category hierarchy
  • Business Process Management

    • Capability to update and cancel business processes
  • Platform Management

    • Platform Analytics Services including
      • Number of registered users and companies
      • Executed business transactions on the platform
      • Amount of overall trading volume on the platform

Bug fixes / Improvements

  • General
    • Resource optimisation for database connection pools
  • Identity Management
    • Bug in reset password mechanism
  • Front-End Service
    • Consistent inputs
    • Limited field and file size on the front-end
    • Consistent interaction flows
    • Improved tooltips and error messages
  • Catalogue Service
    • More user-friendly excel-based template
    • Validation on the catalogue data
    • Expanded category retrieval services towards getting specific categories for regular products or logistics services
    • Documentation for all services
  • Business Process Service
    • Backend service to get order content in whole business process group
    • Added search filter for business processes based on the process status