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Release 11.0

Released 17th June 2019

New Features

Front-End Service

  • Projects page on dashboard
  • Data channel negotiation
  • Negotiation UI update
  • Search UI update
  • Company search
  • Product search based on categories
  • Selection of main product image
  • Tracking and Tracing UI update
  • Business process export
  • Search capabilities for Platform Members and Company Management
  • Terms and Condition editor
  • Frame contracts
  • Frontend logging
  • Platform log analytics
  • Added VAT tax to prices
  • Extracted default currency and main color to config
  • Styling of properties and values
  • Styling of facets / filters
  • Enable setting / selecting specific languages for multilingual fields
  • Unified country selection

Catalogue Service

  • New service to update LCPA data of products
  • Log level improvements for analytics
  • Integrated VAT API and added VAT to the products during publishing
  • Delete/export capability for multiple catalogues
  • Made category taxonomy integration configurable

Business Process Service

  • Grouping (Project) feature for Collaboration Groups
  • Frame contract feature
  • Export functionality for transactions
  • Log level improvements for analytics

Identity Service

  • Rocket Chat integration feature with Identity Service (Register, Login, SSO, Create negotiation channels)
  • Log level improvements for analytics
  • Identity service modifications for negotiation contract generator
  • Federated login endpoint
  • Multilinguality support for company settings description
  • Modified company profile completeness algorithm

Indexing Service

  • Log level improvements for analytics

Data-Channel Service

  • Private & internal data channels

Bug fixes & Improvements

Front-End Service

  • Redirect URL in case login is required
  • Improvements and fixes on business process workflows

Business-Process Service

  • Improved Hystrix thread pool usage
  • Updated T&T endpoint so that it would return catalogue line and process instance information
  • Archiving is disabled for incomplete collaborations
  • Extended negotiations with terms & conditions
  • Added VAT field to various negotiation steps

Indexing Service

  • Bug fixes related to valueCodes, codeListUri
  • Bug fixes related to filter-query encoding