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Release 14.0

Released 28 November 2019

New Features

Front-End Service

  • Shopping car functionality
  • Ability to associate products with properties of existing products
  • Unshipped Order tab in dashboard
  • Collaboration tab for textile UC in dashboard
  • IoT-Blockchain API
  • Multilinguality support for company settings
  • User roles added to profile page

Business Process Service

  • REST service to create an Invoice for the order
  • REST service to delete a frame contract
  • REST service to get fulfilment statistics for an order
  • REST API for the shopping cart

Catalogue Service

  • Created RoleConfig class to store required roles for services

Bug fixes & Improvements

Front-End Service

  • Improved transition between BPs
  • Improved track-and-trace and QualiExplore functionality
  • Extended and fixed analytics
  • Extended and updated translations
  • Moved language configurations to environment files

Business Process Service

  • Extended business process roles with INITIAL_REPRESENTATIVE role
  • Reimplemented the method, which sends email to trading partners when the collaboration status is updated, to have correct email content
  • Adapted contract generation to handle multiple delivery dates and multiple products in a negotiation
  • Added new test cases
  • Skipped expired ones while getting all digital agreements for a party
  • Modified some statistical services such as the one returning average collaboration time for platform and the one returning the average response time for platform

Catalogue Service

  • Checked party id matching while retrieving line ids for a company
  • Made sort option parameter optional for getCatalogueLinesByHjids service

Identity Service

  • User federation improvements for eFactory

Indexing Service

  • Eureka client updates
  • Simple-search API for eFactory

Data Aggregation Service

  • Extended analytics endpoints