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Release 3.0

Release date 1.6. 2018

The following functionality is offered:

A – End User Functionality

Register on platform (Person | Company)

Publish (Catalog | Product | Service | Configurator)

Search for (Product | Service | Company | Person-in-role | Configuration)

Negotiate some aspects of (Product | Service | ContractualTerms | Contract)

Specify B2B data sharing rules as part of ContractualTerms for Platform data channels

Execute (Business-Process) according-to (Contract) (new)

Monitor (Business-Process) using (Platform data channels) (new)

Generate (Contract) for B2B-Collaboration as negotiated (new)

B – Platform Manager Functionality

Audit (Transactions) of-Company (Buyer, Supplier, 3rd Party)

Show platform dashboard (# of Companies, # of Transactions, Trading Volume, …)

Show platform security dashboard (# of Incidents, Risk Volume, Threat Vectors, …)

Manage user feedback (all user-facing functions should provide usability statistics and a back-channel to the development team)

C – Infrastructure and API Functionality

  • User management
  • Catalogue Management
  • Business Processes API
  • Message exchange API
  • Security API
  • Data management API
  • Platform Monitoring API
  • Regulation and legislation repositories API
  • Configuration tool handling API
  • Certificate handling API (not included in D2.3)
  • Electronic signature handling API (not included in D2.3)
  • Electronic payment handling API (not included in D2.3)

Test case: Connecting AIDIMME’s Regulation database to NIMBLE as a 3rd party service provider (regulation repository API)

Test case: Connecting Piacenza’s collaborative design tool with the platform to develop a private catalogue (? Message exchange?)

Test case: Connecting Configuration tools to  NIMBLE (Configuration tool handling API)

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