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Release 1.0

NOTE that NIMBLE Release 1 is for experimentation and validation only – you are supporting the first trial of a research system – you are not (yet) using a commercial internet platform!

Welcome to release R1 of the NIMBLE Platform!

The official release date is 14 Dec 2017

The NIMBLE platform can be accessed for experimentation and validation, on: https://www.nimble-project.org/platform

If you find irritating problems and issues then you have TWO options:

(a) click the support icon in the bottom right corner of any NIMBLE web page – this will prompt you with a mail template that we ask you to fill in.

The filled-in template will be sent to nimble-support@salzburgresearch.at and there are several people (mostly developers and some managers) who will see your request.

We will then try to react as quickly as possible – within 24 hours in the worst case, and within half a day or faster in most cases.

With your help, we will improve these pages in the coming weeks and months – please use nimble-support@salzburgresearch.at only for PLATFORM-related issues!