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Release 6.0

Released 20 December 2018

New features

  • Front-End Service
    • Platform configuration options added to globals in order to allow for adjusting the UI without changing the code base
    • Collaboration Group management added to dashboard
    • Company management / verification capabilities added to platform management
    • User profile page (including change password functionality) added
    • Price / discount configurator added to product management
  • Catalogue Service
    • Functionality for specifying price options (discounts / charges) for individual products
    • Import/export endpoint for transferring catalogues
  • Business Process Service
    • Introduced Collaboration Group concept keeping bilateral communication histories as individual entries
      • e.g. from a seller point of view, activities with an initial buyer and a transport service provider are kept in separated communication histories

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Front-End Service
    • Minimized dashboard summary
    • Field and file size limitations fixed and indicators added to the UI
    • Labels without values hidden from the view mode
    • Data monitoring option emphasized in negotiation
    • Tooltips and wording improved
    • Browser compatibility messages added
  • Catalogue Service
    • Added image scaling capabilities
      • Full content of binary objects are stored in a separated database
      • Only thumbnails of images are stored inside the catalogue objects
    • Switched to Spring-managed data repositories
    • UBL-based properties are indexed in the property index
  • Business Process Service
    • Binary contents exchanged in business processes are managed in the new binary content database
    • Switched to Spring-managed data repositories
    • Code generation is now performed manually