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Release 5.0

Release date: 02.11.2018

New features

  • User Experience
    • Extended company details, ratings and trust/reputation scores for all relevant UI elements
    • Rating/trust filters for text-based search
    • Action required indicators for dashboard tabs
  • Company Management
    • Major extension of company registration and settings
    • Introduced profile completeness indicator that is further used by the trust management to evaluate reputation of platform participants
  • Business Process Management
    • Cancellation option for individual business processes as well as whole collaboration
      • Email notification in case of cancellations
      • Seller and buyer\’s feedback on cancellations that is further used for platform participants management and possible negotiation resolutions.
    • Collaboration histories keeping the ratings and comments
      • Rating and comments about different aspects of collaboration (communication, delivery and packaging, fulfillment of terms, response time, etc), which are further used by the trust management to evaluate reputation of platform participants
  • Platform Management
    • Trust/Reputation policy configuration added

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Front-end Service
    • Fixed status display of business processes on the dashboard
  • Catalogue Service
    • Improved the template-based publishing to ease the filling the data in
      • Color-codings on cells
      • Pre-defined values as drop-down menus
      • Extra sheets as examples
    • Reindexing of catalogues upon changes in the company settings or trust values
    • Improved data integrity checks on publishing
    • Updating property index with custom properties
    • Synchronized the party information from identity service
  • Search Service
    • Expanded index fields to cover the trust-related metrics
  • Business Process Service
    • Keeping a reference to the users initiating a transaction inside business processes
    • Multiple files and notes can be exchanged in any business process