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Release 12.0

Released 16th August 2019

New Features

Front-End Service

  • QualiExplore Front-end component
  • Configurable company-specific BP workflows
  • Edit functionality for existing certificates

Catalogue Service

  • Environment variable for token-check
  • REST service to get all catalogue id-uuid pairs for the given party
  • Created IndexingServiceClientMock
  • Ignoring file-typed properties while generating template
  • Utility to check left-over db resources

Business Process Service

  • REST service to update documents
  • REST service to check whether all collaborations belonging to a party is finished or not
  • REST service to check whether the given collaboration is finished or not
  • REST service to get CollaborationGroup containing a particular process instance

Identity Service

  • REST service returning the complete Certificate-type object.
  • Update Certificates
  • Improved update method in NegotiationSettings to handle process id
  • Modify feign endpoints

Indexing Service

  • Added spring boot security module
  • Secured Indexing API endpoints
  • Service to check Authorization roles

Bug fixes & Improvements

Front-End Service

  • Major refactoring to Angular 7 and Webpack 4
  • Reworked discount display
  • Minor bugfixes regarding Terms & Conditions

Catalogue Service

  • Added test scenarios
  • Re-implemented getCatalogueLinesByLineItems service (renamed to getCatalogueLines)

Business Process Service

  • Added test scenarios
  • Replaced getTTDetails service with getCatalogueLineForEPCCode service
  • Added data Monitoring agreement to contract bundle
  • Moved CompletedTask generation to ContinueController

Data-Channel Service

  • Fixed swagger request URL endpoint