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Release 10.0

Released 10th May 2019

New Features

Front-End Service

  • Logistics services UI
  • Negotiation UI
  • Catalogue creation and support for multiple catalogues
  • Performance analytics
  • Product Favourites search
  • Compare products
  • Search all products from company
  • Self descriptive trust fields
  • Search boosting

Indexing Service

  • Logstash integration
  • Property indexing with quantity-types and code-types
  • Capability to hide product properties with isVisible attribute in the catalogue ontology
  • Synonyms indexing capability
  • Swagger documentation for the APIs

Catalogue Service

  • Increased file size for images
  • Service to get the total number of products and services
  • Service to get logistics related services
  • Service to manage multiple catalogues
  • Service to retrieve multiple catalogues-lines

Business Process Service

  • Updated services to retrieve process instance details faster by using multi-threading
  • Updated service to generate order terms and conditions

Identity Service

  • Updated company profile completeness weights
  • Added Publisher Role

Bug Fixes

Identity Service

  • Swagger host fix

Frontend Service

  • Platform members name\’s fixed
  • Disabled product id when the publish mode is edit
  • Minor bug fixes