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Settings are available on the user level (User Profile) and company level (Company Settings).
The user profile simply lists the user data and allows for changing the password or deleting the user.
The company settings consist of various subpages:

  • Company Data: The vital company data. This can only be changed by sending a request to a platform manager
  • Company Details: Additional information for better visibility
  • Trade Details: Allows for adapting the business workflow and the trading terms
  • Terms and Conditions: Allows for adapting the default document and defining custom clauses
  • Delivers Address: Allows for pre-defining multiple delivery addresses
  • Certificates: Upload of certificates visible on the company profile
  • Catalogue Categories: Management of favourite and recent categories during publishing

Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/rHoVDYjetj8?start=294&end=473