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The dashboard provides an overview of business processes, catalogue data and company analytics and consists of the following tabs (some of them may not be visible depending on the platform settings and user roles):

  • Purchases / Sales: Lists all business processes for both the purchase and sales side. The processes can be grouped, filtered and offer a variety of interactions
  • Projects: An overview of the purchases that have been merged including timeline data
  • Frame Contract: An overview of frame contracts established during negotiation
  • Expected Orders: Lists products that might have to get restocked since they are part of other products they have been ordered recently
  • Catalogue: Shows all uploaded products/services and interaction options
  • Favourite: Shows all products/services that have been marked as favourites
  • Compare: Offers side-by-side comparison of two products
  • Performance: Shows company analytics on database and log level

Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/rHoVDYjetj8?start=1697&end=1970