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Business Processes

After finding a suitable product/service the user can start a business processes.

The available processes depend on the company and platform settings but those are selectable:

  • Item Information Request: Allows buyers to request additional information regarding a product / service
  • PPAP: Prodution part approval process (specific sectors only)
  • Negotiation: Allows buyers to negotiate the terms of a product / service
  • Order: Required to allow ordering of products
  • Transport Execution Plan: Covers the logistics-related step of the workflow
  • Fulfilment: Final step to confirm the success or report on problems

Only Negotiation and Order are available for all products/services. The Negotiation allows the user to negotiate on trading terms, contract clauses, delivery procedures, etc. within the accepted boundaries of the seller. The Order summarizes all agreements and generates the legally binding contracts.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/rHoVDYjetj8?start=967&end=1578