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Service Description

A list of all Open Source repositories can be found on the GitHub organization page: https://github.com/nimble-platform

Each repository holds a README file in its root folder with basic deployment instructions and usage options.

Launch Workshop Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ET5VGF2gVA

The following repositories are essential for running the NIMBLE core:

  • business-process-service: Enables the execution of business processes
  • catalog-service: Stores products and (logistic) services
  • common: Common data models and utilities that can be accessed by other services
  • frontend-service: The user interface
  • identity-service: Manages user and company identities
  • indexing-service: Provides search capabilities with Apache SOLR
  • trust-scoring-service: Enables the configuration and calculation of trust scores

The following repositories are required for platform analytics:

  • docker-elk: Provides the Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana stack
  • data-aggregation: Aggregates data from other services

The following repositories support optional/additional services:

  • agent-service: Enables agent-based business processes
  • chatbot-service: Configurations for running Rocket.Chat
  • collaboration-tools: Enables the collaboration feature
  • data-channel-service: Enables the data channel feature
  • dcf_service: Enables filtering of Kafka streams for the data channel feature
  • delegate-service: Enables platform federation
  • epcis: Enables EPC code support for the Tracking and Tracing feature
  • tracking-analysis-service: Enables analytics for the Tracking and Tracing feature
  • tracking-iot-blockchain-service: Enables IoT and Blockchain integration for the Tracking and Tracing feature
  • tracking-service: Enables the Tracking and Tracing feature

The following repositories are helpful for deployment:

  • cloud-config: Infrastructure configuration for cloud deployment
  • docker_setup: Setup for local deployment