NIMBLE at the EFFRA Community Day 2018, Brussels

The NIMBLE project is funded by the EC as one of the four projects in the FoF (Factories of the Future) PPP supply chain cluster, and as one of the ten projects under the overall theme of digital automation – collaborative manufacturing and logistics. All ten projects have been facilitated by the ConnectedFactories CSA project, which aim is to establish a structured overview of available and upcoming technological approaches and best practices. 

In February 2018, NIMBLE started a collaboration with another three projects from the supply chain cluster: DIGICOR, COMPOSITION and vf-OS, jointly looking at the interoperability aspects of the four digital platforms. The results of our collaborative activities towards platforms mapping and interoperating are presented at the EFFRA Community Day 2018, 27 June 2018 in Brussels. The representatives of all four digital platforms including NIMBLE, met during the event and discussed the future steps.

Our presentation, entitled “Towards the Realisation of Hyperconnected Factories: Preliminary Results and Future Directions” has been presented by Usman Wajid (Information catalyst, UK (projects: DIGICOR, COMPOSITION)) during a 40 minutes presentation slot: EFFRA_FoF11-HyperConnectedFactories-UW.pdf.

Thank you, Usman, for your extraordinary collaboration!